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Histogram Autograph References

CPI 1[*].Any

    Reference 1: Philippi (1965)5


    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.


    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.


    Reference 1: Thompson (1983)6

    Reference 2: Thompson (1987)7


    Reference 1: Thompson (1983)6

    Reference 2: Thompson (1987)7


    Reference 1: Pedtersen et al. (2016)4


    Reference 1: Tissot and Welte (1984)8

    Reference 2: Killops et al. (1998)1


    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.


    Reference 1: Peters & Cassa (1994)2

TOC 20%.Any

    Reference 1: Peters et al. (2005)3

TOC 90%.Any

    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.


Full Reference List 

1     S.D. Killops, R.H. Funnell, R.P. Suggate, R. Sykes, K.E. Peters, C. Walters, A.D. Woolhouse, R.J. Weston, and J.P. Boudou, 'Predicting Generation and Expulsion of Paraffinic Oil from Vitrinite-Rich Coals', Organic Geochemistry, 29 (1998), 1-21.

2     K.E. Peters, and M.R. Cassa, 'Applied Source Rock Geochemistry', in The Petroleum System - from Source to Trap. Aapg Memoir No. 60, ed. by L.B. Magoon and W.G. Dow (Tulsa, Oklahoma: AAPG., 1994), pp. 93-120.

3      K.E. Peters, C.C. Walters, and J.M. Moldowan, Biomarkers and Isotopes in the Environment and Human History. Second edition edn. 2 vols. Vol. 1, The Biomarker Guide (Cambridge Cambridge University Press, 2005), p. 471.

4     H. I. Petersen, M. Hertle, A. Juhasz, and H. Krabbe, 'Oil Family Typing, Biodegradation and Source Rock Affinity of Liquid Petroleum in the Danish North Sea', Journal of Petroleum Geology, 39 (2016), 247-68.

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8     B.P. Tissot, and D.H. Welte, Petroleum Formation and Occurrence. 2nd edn (Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1984).



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