Well artefacts


Well artefacts store well specific information, location data, depth & deviation information and stratigraphic information. Well artefacts play an important role in the system, integrating geology, depth and samples.

Version: 1.21+ (Dec 2019)

Usage:  Double-click well artefact in artefact manager,

Drag & drop well artefact into the project workspace.

How to use in practice


Well artefacts, or simply wells, are fully integrated into a project. Strictly we should consider a well as a wellbore, since it is not uncommon for multiple wellbores to emanate from a single well head. Wells store the necessary information to dynamically calculate sample true vertical depths from measured depths, assign stratigraphic information to samples and manipulate/interact with depth plots in p:IGI+. 

To create a new well manually select the New Well icon on the toolbar. The minimum criteria required when creating a well is just a well name. Normally wells are created on import (p:IGI+) or Project merge (Metis Transform).

To rename a well name right click on the well artefact and enter an amended well name. A well can only exist once in a given project with a particular name, so if a duplicate is entered it will have the characters "(1)" appended to the name to indicate this is a different artefact.

well delete

To harmonise well names or to remove an unwanted well (and associated samples) from a project, use the Delete function from the right click menu on the well artefact.  At this point you will be presented with the following options of what to do with the samples currently assigned to the well being deleted:

To harmonise well names once the wells exist, select to delete the unwanted named well(s) and reassign associated samples to the well name you wish to retain in the project.

Populating Well Data

For a well, all data associated with Location, Depth and datum information, Directional drilling data, Stratigraphy and Drilling are managed through the well artefact accessed through the Artefact Manager. Wells can also be accessed through the well icons displayed on maps. Most well properties can be viewed through page views, but on pages the well information columns are display only columns

The well artefact contains multiple tabs to store the various well information:

All properties in the .Well analysis group are displayed in the well artefact.

Importing well data

Well data can be imported along with general sample data, but will be auto-merged in p:IGI+, although not in Metis Transform. If you specifically want to import well data from a well data only source, the following options are available:


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