Graph Data Summary


The graph data summary provide a live count of data shown on the graph, making it easy to see how much data is shown, hidden and out of range on a graph. It responds dynamically to data and graph pan / zoom changes, and can be configured. 

Version: 1.21+ (Dec 2019)

Usage:  Graph -> Edit graph settings... 

How to use in practice

The Data summary  provides control over the information shown on the graph data summary. The graph data summary provides a means to see what data is shown, hidden and out of range on a given graph.


An example of a data summary is shown above. The default name is "Data counts", although this can be edited in the graph settings. The above example shows the full range of counts / information available:

The visibility of each of these elements can be controlled from the Data Summary tab on the Project Graph Settings dialogue (from Graph -> Edit graph settings...). The user can completely turn off the graph data summary on the Layout tab of each graph, using Graph Manager.

The Graph Data Summary ("Data counts") legend element will be copied with the graph by default, and can also be copied separately, using the right click Copy data summary option when hovering over the data summary on the graph.


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