Working with properties


There are a range of tools available to support the user working with properties across the software. This section covers some of the main tools / utilities that are used in a range of different places in the software related to selection and manipulation of the properties.

Version:1.27+  (Sept 2020)

Usage:  Across the system, when exploring or selecting properties

How to use in practice

A key aspect of using properties effectively is to understand the property model. Based on the concept of a physical or chemical characteristic ("property") and an analytical method ("analysis") the property model allows you to represent and store all the data you need to conduct a geochemical interpretation.

In the software every artefact (map, graph, page, sample set, palette, etc) is a view onto the data in the project, with what is shown determined by the properties selected, and samples selected (sample set). This section covers the commonly used tools for managing the properties across artefacts:

Help on the property model is always available in the system from the Geochemistry Help icon, or F1 keyboard shortcut.


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