Creating multiple sample sets


It is often useful to create a number of sample sets from a single text property, for example Type.Sample, Lith.Geol or Lab.Pyrol2. We have provided a simple mechanism that enables the user to quickly create multiple sample sets from a text property. 

Version: (Apr 2019)

Usage:  Data --> New multi sample sets...

How to use in practice

The usage is relatively simple - select the New multi sample sets ... menu item from the Data menu.


When creating multiple sample sets, first select the property from which to create the sample sets. Only text properties can be searched for, using the standard property search widget. Once the property is selected you will be presented with a list of the distinct strings that exist within the samples in the project, for that property. You can multi-select elements in the left hand (data values) list and add them to the right hand (sample sets to auto-create) list. 

Once you have selected the set of values for which you wish to auto-create the dynamic sample sets, you can define how they are to be named. There are two options:

CreatedFolderAndSampleSetsFinally you can select whether to add the sample sets inside an auto-created folder. This can be very useful for keeping track of a potentially very large number of sample sets, and we recommend adding to a folder by default. You can name the folder as you wish. This will be added under the blue Dynamic Sample Sets base folder, and can be moved around and organised within the system as desired.

Creating a large number of sample sets is a powerful feature, but if you accidentally create too many sample sets you can simply used the undo (Ctrl+Z) to remove all the added sample sets. 

Once created the sample sets are normal dynamic sample sets and will update as data changes, and can be edited like any other dynamic sample set (double click on the artefact).


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