Text (discrete) property palettes


Text properties commonly contain discrete entries which lend themselves to the use of either a colour or symbol palettes.  

Version: 2.3+ (Sept 2023)

Usage:  Graph --> New palette --> New colour palette..., New shape palette... , New size palette...

How to use in practice

Discrete Entry Range Palettes

When using colour palettes with a text property, by default the palette is created with a gradational monochrome black-white colour scheme achieved through the use of colour anchors. For a text colour palette it is more likely, however, that a discrete colour scheme is required. The user can either set individual colour anchors for each palette entry or hit the Auto Fill button to reveal a range of colour palettes that the user can choose from.

The user can set transparency for all entries in a colour palette easily, or if desired set it for just the individual entries.

Palette entries can be edited using the Edit palette assignments... button.

With the flexibility of colour assignments using the ShowAnchor and Override options, the colour palette can be utilised as a pseudo-sample set. For ease of use there is a checkbox in the Show column header that allows the showing or hiding of all palette entries at once.

When using symbol palettes with a text property, by default the palette is created with every sample assigned a disc symbol. For a text symbol palette it is likely that a discrete symbol scheme is required. The user can either define shape anchors for each palette entry or hit the Auto Fill button to assign each palette entry a symbol according to the order the shapes are listed in the pull down list.

Palette entries can be re-organised using drag & drop.

Both Legend Labels and Sample Values can be edited to determine what is shown on the graph legend and what sample values are assigned that entry on the plot respectively.

Unassigned palette entries and samples with No data can be assigned their own colour and respective Legend Labels can be edited if utilising palettes to emphasis a set of data relative to the rest / alternative subset of the project data. 

Be aware to avoid the use of red as a palette assignment colour as this is the default sample selection colour when using Brush or Rectangle Selection on graphs, although the user can modify this in the graph settings.


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