Metis Project Merge


Well information and sample data can be merged together following import to Transform.

Version: 2.0+ (Oct 2021)

Usage:  Metis Tools --> Data Merge and Deduplication...

How to use in practice

The project merge is one of Metis Transforms’ unique tools. It allows you to group together well information and sample information to create unique wells and samples, and assign samples to wells in the system. It is a requirement to undertake a project merge prior to uploading any data to Metis Staging. The merge step provides internal identity to the samples in Metis Transform.

When a row is first imported into Metis Transform we consider it both a candidate sample and a candidate well. The term candidate is used to indicate that this might become, or contribute toward, an actual sample or well in the system. You can think of these as being ‘rows in a spreadsheet’ – they have no real sense of being a sample or belonging to a well until we run the project merge.

In the project merge we bring together one or more candidate rows to create project wells and project samples.

In v2.3+ project merge can now be undertaken within a sample set if desired using the Merge within a sample set drop-down.

Project wells are shown as well artefacts, and project samples are just samples in the spreadsheet. You can tell whether a sample is a candidate sample by inspecting the Sam status.Metis property - an empty value implies a candidate sample, but if the string "Metis sample" is shown you are looking at a project sample.

Only project wells and project samples will be considered for uploading to the Staging database.

The Transform project merge has two stages, first Transform merges wells before moving onto merging samples.

To launch the merge wizard select Metis Tools -> Data Merge and Deduplication… from the menu. 


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