Bulk Well Import from Excel


It is possible to import large volumes of well data from Excel files, in particular the standard well properties and select to add or update data in the wells in the project. This is a useful way of bringing in well 'metadata' from an external source.

Version: 2.3+ (Oct 2023)

Usage:  Project --> Import well data...

How to use in practice

Unlike the Excel import for sample data, the bulk import for well information requires that the file being imported conforms to a fixed structure, on the first sheet in the Excel file. We provide an example file: ExampleWellImportFile.xlsx. The property headers in bold red are required for import from version 2.3 onward, but need not be populated with data. This file should have a simple structure and the valid additional headers are defined in the ValidWellPropertiesForImport.xlsx file. Any invalid headers will prevent the file being imported. Similarly you cannot have duplicate well names in the file. The headers can come in any order, and must specify the unit where this is required for a property. An example would look like:

Each row must include a well name in the Well Name.Well column. Possible units are listed in the ValidWellPropertiesForImport.xlsx file.

To import the Excel file, go to Project --> Import well data... and select the desired file from the file picker. Once you have chosen your file you will see the following dialogue:

In this dialogue you can select various options. The top section allows you to change the file selected and select the correct date format for any applicable well date-time properties. The next "File overview" section gives you a summary of the number of wells in the file, and how these relate to the wells currently in your project.

The next section allows you to select what you want to import from the file. You can select to only import data from wells already present in the current project, or to import all wells in the file. In general you probably only want the additional data for the wells in your project. 

Select Import to begin the import process, which will show a progress bar. This will update well properties with the values from the file, where data is already present.


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