Importing Data


With p:IGI+ there are a number of ways in which data can be entered / imported into a project. With multiple options, import comes with a variety of tools to make data loading smooth, accurate and efficient.   

Version: 1.14+ (Nov 2018)

Usage: Project --> Import data... --> Import text data...

Import p:IGI-3 data...

Import Excel data...

How to use in practice

Data Import

There are a number of ways in which data can be added to either a new, or existing, project:

The import process can be complex but is generally preferred to copy/paste, or manual data entry, as human errors are less likely to corrupt data values, however the process of linking the different inputs from the file to the properties in the IGI property model is important to get right. This includes defining the import units. Help on identifying properties is available throughout the system using the Geochemistry help viewer.

During import in p:IGI+ the wells are automatically merged based on case-sensitive well names. This means that if you have multiple samples from the same well, then the well information from across all samples will be merged together and assigned to that well, based only on the well name. Where two values differ for the same wellbore (e.g. one sample has a latitude of 52.223 degrees North, the other e.g. 52 degrees North) the first value will always be retained. More sophisticated treatment of well merges is available in Metis Transform.

After a file has been imported Undo (Ctrl+Z) can be used to remove the imported data from the project - this can also be re-done.


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