Numeric Project Properties


When creating numeric project properties additional options need to be defined, including the units, ratios and any relevant equations that you want to add. 

Version: 1.27+  (Oct 2020)

Usage:  Data --> Create project property...

Creating numeric project properties

When creating a numeric project property, the first two steps are similar to creating a text project property. Remember you can add the property to multiple Analysis Groups should you wish.

Additional information must be provided:

You can optionally add an equation, but more on that in the page on Creating project property equations. If you have added an equation, but change your mind, you can delete the equation with the red cross next to it.

Selecting Create will build the property and add it to be project. This could take a small amount of time in large projects if you define an equation as this equation will be evaluated for all samples in the project with the necessary inputs.


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