The import linking screen


The property linking screen is reused across the import system. It allows the user to link import columns (or rows) to properties within the IGI property model. It is an essential stage to import, and important to get right, including defining the units of measure. Much work has gone into automating and simplifying the process, while retaining the ability for the user to review and adjust the mappings.

Version: 1.13+ (Sept 2018)

Usage:  Project --> Import data ...

How to use in practice

The property linking screen is Stage 2 in all import processes. Incoming property names, and where available units, indicators and even ion channels, are passed through an automated IGI property model linking process before initial linking results are displayed.


The success of the automated linking step is displayed using various status codes:

import symbols2

There are several status levels which prevent import from proceeding. The linking table can be filtered to enable a focused view onto problem links, duplicate links and multiple link options which need resolving prior to import. 

To deal with the non-linked properties use the manual Edit Link button available on each row. Search and select a suitable IGI property link using the Analyses and Properties search fields and, if appropriate, define the property Indicator, Unit and Ratio. If the property you wish to link to is not in the IGI property model there is the opportunity to create a project property in order to capture the data. You should only create a project property if you are certain the property you are looking for is not in the IGI property model.

If data pertaining to location, or any other well property, is linking to the Well analysis group the property Well Name.Well must be linked to an import column (see status link symbols). Most location properties will show a link to both well and sample properties as sample locations can be linked to the .Sample analysis group if samples are not attached to a well (e.g. outcrop samples  / seeps). 

As properties are linked, property Indicators, Units and Ratios, must be correctly specified. On a single property this can be achieved through the selector columns presented in the data linking window. Where it is more appropriate to bulk manage a group of properties e.g. changing the selected property indicator for the gasolines from unknown [un] to height [h] then the Bulk change analysis groups, indicators and units... feature can be used.

To improve the efficiency of property linking during import, linking templates, created in advance, can be applied. The linking templates provide a method to remember previously used links and set these links in future imports based on position or names.

Once import linking is complete it is a good idea to save a new / revised Linking Template for future imports, or if you want to re-import the file for any reason. There is a second chance to save Linking templates on the Import summary screen, if you forget here!

When you are happy with all the links made, select the Import button to proceed, which will provide you with a summary of what is being / has been imported.


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