Creating a Chung Plot


The specialist Chung Plot enables the visualisation of gas isotope data. It is a very specific plot type and has relatively narrow applicability.

Version: 1.17+ (Apr 2019)

Usage:  Graph --> New Graph --> New Chung plot...

How to use in practice

Chung Plot Creation


Creating a Chung plot is relatively simple. Chung plots are specialised and support two variants. A Chung plot that plots the carbon-13 isotope ratio for C1 to nC4, or the same thing for C1 to nC5. The user can only select one of those two options from the auto graph list. This will automatically create the desired Chung plot.


Once created the interaction with a Chung plot is necessarily limited. The user can rename the shared y-axis label, the axes labels, and shared axis range from the Axes tab, as shown above.

As with all other artefact types it is possible to apply sample sets, palettes and wells to filter and refine the view of the data. 

It is possible to change the interaction mode with the plot using the Exploration tab. Data can be brushed as usual with the resulting visual query and static sample set creation options. The zoom to data option is also available. 

The Layout tab allow you to configure what is shown on the graph and edit the graph title. The options here are similar to the Line plot options. Once the graph is configured as desired a template can be created and shared using the right click option on the Chung plot artefact:


Graph interpretative layers are not currently supported on the Chung plot. 


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