Metis Discover User Guide

This page gives you access to the Metis Discover user guide. This supports version 2.0.0 and above.

Metis is a corporate geochemistry data management system and Metis Discover is a web-based portal for exploring data in the Metis database. Discover uses the IGI property model, which is explained in detail here.


Querying data:

The general notion of querying for the data you want is covered in the generic description of how to find the data you want.

There are lots of ways to query for the samples you are interested in using Discover 2.0.0 and above:

Once you have defined your query you can then bookmark your queries to use at a later time, or share with colleagues. To support seeing the data in the context of additional geospatial (GIS) data layers, it is possible to configure Discover to show additional contextual layers.

Exporting data:

Once your query has been defined, and you have identified the data you want you can select to export your data.

Importing data from Discover:

Once the data is exported from Metis, you can readily import the data into your preferred tool. This is simplest to bring into p:IGI+.

Deleting data:

Deleting samples via Discover is only available as an option for data loaders (with permission to use Metis Transform).


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