Deleting data

Deleting samples from the Staging area via Discover is only possible if you’re a user of Metis Transform. Non-Transform users are unable to remove data from the Staging area and the following options are not visible to them at all.

After running a query that returns up to 1,000 samples the Delete samples button becomes enabled. If more than 1000 samples are returned, then you will need to refine your criteria further in order to be able to delete any samples; 1000 samples is the maximum number  of samples a user is allowed to delete at a time.

Clicking the Delete samples button shows the following dialog:

The default option is to export data before it's deleted. This option will produce an export file of all the data related to the associated samples before deletion. Unchecking the Export data first option will simply delete the data without an export.

Deleting all the samples from a wellbore will also delete the associated wellbores. Once the deletion has completed Discover will refresh and display the new sample and well count in the data grid.

Deleting a wellbore:

One the wellbore tab, alongside each wellbore row is an option to delete the associated wellbore:

There's no limitation on deleting a wellbore. Unlike when deleting samples, the number of associated samples in the wellbore or in the query can exceed 1,000. Clicking the Delete wellbore button opens the following dialog:


As in deleting samples, the default option is to export all the associated sample data. If an export isn't required, this can option can be unchecked.


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