Wells as special Sample Sets


Well artefacts act as a special pre-created dynamic sample set expression. When applied to an artefact it will limit the data shown to just the corresponding well's samples, while if combined with a dynamic or static sample set the intersection of the well's samples and the sample set's sample are shown.

Version: (Jan 2018)

Usage:  Apply a well artefact from the artefact manager to any appropriate data viewing artefact e.g. page or graph

How to use in practice

Wells as special Sample Sets

Wells act as a special pre-created dynamic sample sets corresponding to the expression: Well Name.Well = ‘xxxx’

When a well is applied to a page, graph, map or statistic artefact along with either a dynamic sample set or static sample set the two sample sets will combine using an 'and' connective logic. This returns data conforming to the intersection of the two sets of samples.

This removes the need to create multiple dynamic samples sets for wells, and provides greater flexibility for interactive filtering per well.


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