Creating Graphs


Interpretation of geochemical data really starts with graphs. Graphs can either be created by the user from scratch or using pre-defined plots (Autographs). Here we will look at the available Autographs and how to create new graphs.

Version: 2.0+  (Sept 2021)

Usage:  Graph --> New Graph --> New plot type... 

How to use in practice



To create a new graph select Graph --> New Graph --> New Respective Plot type... or use the toolbar shortcut icon, shown above. The resulting creation dialogue will show a Custom xxxx Plot option at the top of the graph list on the left hand side from which new graphs can be made. A range of different interpretative graph types are present and can be created (more are planned). For further details on each graph type select the link:

The Artefact Manager has a blue default base folder for each graph type and once created a new graph will appear in the appropriate folder. From here created graphs can be relocated as wished and filtered as needed.

On creation, the graph axes on a new graph are auto-set to zoom to all project data. The axes extents, and many other properties in graphs can be edited through Graph Manager.  


Pre-defined autographs are listed within the respective new graph type creation dialogue window, accessed from (Graph --> New Graph --> New Respective Graph type... or use the toolbar shortcut icon). The new graph creation dialogue presents a list of all available autographs for that graph type alongside a preview window to view the autograph prior to creation.

The Autograph list can be filtered using a selection of keyword tags:

A reference list for the Autographs is provided in the online User Guide.   


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