Bulk Well Import from p:IGI-3 Well Manager


Well data can be imported from p:IGI-3 well manager files.  

Version:  2.0+ (Oct 2021)

Usage:  Project --> Import well data...

Importing a p:IGI-3 Well Manager File

If a p:IGI-3 Well Manager File (.wmg) exists for your project area then the well data from that file can be imported, including any stratigraphy. Well Manager was an application provided with p:IGI-3, that could be used to compile information about wells in your area of interest.

To use this functionality select Project --> Import well data... and choose a .wmg file: 

A summary is provided as to the number of wells that are present in the well manager file and how many of them are present in the current project. 

Like other well import routes you are provided with a set of options in terms of the depth units and datums (these unfortunately were not specified in the .wmg file format). You are also given the choice of whether to only import the wells from the file which are in your project, or import all wells. We suggest you only import the wells in the project in most cases.

You can also select whether to overwrite existing data, or only add new values.

Finally you can choose whether to write your tops to the Primary or Alternative stratigraphy. You can also edit the automatically filled in source / name value.

As the p:IGI-3 well manager file stores Top and Base Depths compared to p:IGI+ / Transform which just deals with tops the import artificially sees the Base depth of the last Formation and Member only as Tops to an Unknown layer. Therefore we recommend reviewing your stratigraphy import and potentially editing as needed to remove unnecessary Unknown Members and resolve the well TD label.


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