The IGI property model


We have significantly updated the property model (columns) across IGI software (Metis and p:IGI+) compared with p:IGI-3. This page explains some key points and concepts of the IGI property model, and provides a point of navigation to further information.

Usage:  Throughout the system, particularly during import and in the property selection dialogues

How to use in practice


The goal of the new IGI property model was to create a comprehensive and meaningful database which provides our software users with the ability to record their data and associated metadata while also providing appropriate means for intelligent and efficient interpretation.

The model differs significantly from the p:IGI-3 property model, which was essentially based on a "data grid" where a row was a "sample" and a column represents something that can be measured on a sample, which we call a "property" of that sample.

The IGI property model overview

The new IGI property model extends this concept significantly. 


There are some key domain concepts in the IGI property model:

Understanding the IGI property model

To effectively use the IGI property model in p:IGI+ and Metis it is necessary to understand the rationale for the design of the model, and to appreciate some of the details of the model. The following pages give information on different aspects of the use of the IGI property model.

There is Geochemistry help available for the property model, which can be accessed from the geochemistry help icon on the extreme right of the main toolbar. The Geochemistry help dialogue is independent of the main p:IGI+ or Metis application and can be kept open at all times for reference.


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