Well Merge


Well information and sample data can be merged together following import to Transform.

Version: 2.0+ (Oct 2021)

Usage:  Metis Tools --> Data Merge and Deduplication...

Well merge and identification

Once the project merge wizard is launched, at Stage 1, the user is prompted to select properties to be used as well merge criteria. For this first stage there's a restriction to just using well properties.

Merge criteria should be selected based on how they group a dataset into distinct entities. In most cases we are only likely to have Well name.Well available, although sometimes it helps to add Lat.Well, Long.Well, Country.Well, UWI.Well and potentially other properties to ensure we only merge together wells we wish to.

Stage 2 shows you the results of the merge, grouped by the selected criteria. Most wells will hopefully merge without conflict, as shown by the green tick next to the well name, however if you have conflicting data (for example the same well is given different Drillers Reference height values) this will be indicated by the presence of a red cross, and the conflicting property will be shown, with a checkbox allowing the user to specify which value to retain. The number in square brackets tells you the number of rows merging together. You can review all the values (and their latest source) in the right-hand panel, which shows the properties, the source of the data and the merge action to be selected.

Merging the wells in the project is a subtle process. It is really doing two things. First it brings together all the information about wells in the project to merge the information, but secondly it also assigns samples to the created wells.

When running the merge process, the user interface forces you to first merge the wells together and then merge the samples. If you run the merge process again it will remember your choice of criteria allowing you to quickly progress through the well merge stage. It will often to be necessary to run several sample merges with different merge criteria, but typically only one well merge is required.

If the results of the well (or sample) merge are not as anticipated it is possible to Refine Well Identification Criteria and see if a better grouping can be found. It is also important to check for missing rows by reviewing the number of rows with no merge criteria.

To progress to the sample merge stage select Confirm and continue to sample merge.


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