The sort mechanism allows you to change the order in which samples appear in all pages and project overviews.

 Version: 1.27+ (Sept 2020)

Usage:  Page --> Sort across all pages, (Ctrl+T, Ctrl+R)

How to use in practice

The order of project data across all pages is set using a maximum of 3 sort levels. Sort can be accessed via the appropriate toolbar icon or Page menu, or the Ctrl-T shortcut.

The Analysis and Property search tools are used to select appropriate text or numerical properties against which the data is sorted. .Any properties can be used to sort the data from version 1.27 onward.

Chosen properties can be selected to sort into Ascending or Descending order. For a text property Ascending = alphabetical. For a numerical property Ascending = smallest value first.

Once satisfied with the sort criteria, the sort is then applied globally across all pages.

sort result

After the data is sorted a record of which properties were sorted on and in which hierarchical order is presented in the property headers of relevant properties, with the red sort order and orientation indication.

From version 1.28, it is possible to sort on a single property by right clicking on the relevant header and selecting to either sort ascending or descending on that property.

Clear Sort (Ctrl+R)

Once you have finished with your sort you can either:


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