Stratigraphy criteria

In Metis 2.0 we’ve greatly improved the way you can find samples by their associated stratigraphy. Rather than having to specify a particular stratigraphy property, you can now search across all chronostratigraphy or lithostratigraphy properties using stratigraphy criteria:

Click Add criterion then select Stratigraphy criterion:

Then simply select either Lithostratigraphy or Chronostratigraphy:

Metis will then show all the unique values in the database for the type of stratigraphy selected, you can filter this list by using the search box. All values that contain the search string, regardless of case, will be shown.

Metis searches both the top and base stratigraphy across the formation, group and member levels for lithostratigraphy, and at Era, Period, Epoch, and Age for chronostratigraphy for all of the primary, alternate and reported stratigraphy's.

These values can then be selected by either double clicking or selecting multiple entries and clicking Add.

Once the desired values have been selected click Query and all samples associated with these stratigraphic layers will be returned. 


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