The Project menu presents the options associated with using p:IGI+ projects, creating new blank projects, opening existing projects, saving the active project and closing the active project.

It also provides access to the import (sample data, well data and templates) and export options in the software. 


Note that projects are complicated files - they contain the database that stores all the data values and all the artefacts that define the views onto this data. 

It is important you manage your projects carefully. It is wise to save at key check-points in your workflow. The undo function is powerful, but should the project file become corrupted it is helpful to retain a backup copy. There is a hidden auto-save file which we can sometimes use to recover any corrupted projects, so contact us if the worst happens.

We recommend you work on local drives where possible. The project file is a database, and any latency (delay) in access to this will slow down the user experience. This is especially true on network drives over a poor network connection. 

When updating to p:IGI+ v2.0 and thus migrating .pigi files to .pigi2 files, it is essential this is done on a local drive, as migration to version 2.0 is not supported over network drives.


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