Known Issues


This page contains a list of the known issues in the software. These issues are fixed as a matter of priority and will typically be addressed in the next release. Any critical issues will be fixed immediately and a new release provided.


List of know issues (v2.0):

  • The “Sitka” font family does not work when copying graphs – it displays fine, but the graphs will not copy correctly. We advise users to not use this font family, which has some known issues in Windows. 
  • When a lot of graphs are open at the same time, or after long use of p:IGI+ sometimes you get no points shown on a graph, and a text error message saying “E_OUTOFMEMORY: Ran out of memory (****)”. To solve this save the project, close p:IGI+, restart, and open the project. We are exploring the issue here.
  • Occasionally when resizing graph windows the data view can pan unexpectedly. This is a rare event, and we have not yet been able to isolate a fix. If the original zoom extent is saved, then the user can recover to the desired view by opening graph manager (Ctrl+G) and selecting to restore the zoom.

The list of issues from earlier versions of the software is available.


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