Text Project Properties


Creating text project properties is the simplest project property creation task. You only need to define the names and analysis group(s) to add the properties to. 

Version: 1.27+  (Oct 2020)

Usage:  Data --> Create project property...

How to use in practice

The creation of text project properties is very simple.

Creating text project properties

When creating a text property you need to define:

Adding project properties to the Custom analysis group will make them easier to find, however if you want to add a new property to an existing analysis, for example a new ratio to the Biomarker GCMSMS group then you can do that. The advanced search options now allow you to find only project properties.

Once you are happy with the names, and analyses you can select to Create the property. This will not add the property to any page, or other artefact - it is fully in the system, but you will now have to add it to a page or other artefact to see it!


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