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Pages are spreadsheet like views onto the relational database which underlies p:IGI+ and Metis Transform and show the values of properties (columns) across samples (rows). Pages within the applications provide a comprehensive and flexible way to view, organise, validate, interact with and edit project data.

Version: 1.14+ (Nov 2018)

Usage:  Existing pages accessed and opened from the artefact manager

How to use in practice

In contrast to p:IGI-3 where a properties associated analytical technique was loosely inferred from the page title on which it was located (in certain cases several analytical techniques were present on a single page e.g. Pyrolysis / Hydrocarbons), in p:IGI+ and Metis Transform properties are clearly and individually linked to an analytical method. The concept of pages within the software has thus changed from an association with analysis type, as was the case in p:IGI-3, to being just a view onto a desired selection of properties (any property or group of properties from any analysis group can be arranged as wished on any page). 

Every project contains a preliminary set of data pages organised into categorised folders, sub-divided to provide Analysis views and Interpretation views (the default structure was updated in version 2.0 as illustrated below):

The first set of pages provide an overview of the samples, for properties associated with well and non-well (e.g. outcrop) locations respectively, providing information relating to the sample: location, stratigraphy, and any reference information for the samples. 

There is no limit to the number of pages a user can have within a project and the initial set of pages present when a project is started are completely customisable

Column Types

Pages are a collection of either predefined (either by IGI or another user) or user chosen geochemical properties for which there may or may not be data loaded in the project. There are a variety of different columns types which may be encountered. 


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