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PCP Autograph References

Geochemical SR Screening 1

    Reference 1: Jarvie (2012-#2)3

Geochemical SR Screening 2

    Reference 1: Peters et al. (2005)2

Halpern Plot: Oil Correlation

    Reference 1: Halpern (1995)2    Reference 2: Ohm et al. (2008)4

Halpern Plot: Oil Tranformation

    Reference 1: Halpern (1995)2    Reference 2: Ohm et al. (2008)4

Maturity Screening

    Reference 1: Cornford (1998)1 

Visual Kerogen.Any

    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.

Full Reference List

1   C. Cornford, 'Source Rocks and Hydrocarbons of the North Sea', in Petroleum Geology of the North Sea: Basic Concepts and Recent Advances, ed. by K.W. Glennie (Oxford: Blackwell Science Publications, 1998), pp. 376-462.

2     H.I. Halpern, 'Development and Applications of Light-Hydrocarbon-Based Star Diagrams', AAPG Bulletin, 79 (1995), 801-15.

3     D. M. Jarvie, 'Shale Resource Systems for Oil and Gas: Part 2 - Shale-Oil Resource Systems', AAPG Memoir, 97 (2012), 89-119.

4     S.E. Ohm, D.A. Karlson, and T.J.F. Austin, 'Geochemically Driven Exploration Models in Uplifted Areas: Examples from the Norwegian Barents Sea', AAPG Bulletin, 92 (2008), 1191-223.

5     K.E. Peters, C.C. Walters, and J.M. Moldowan, Biomarkers and Isotopes in the Environment and Human History. Second edition edn. 2 vols. Vol. 1, The Biomarker Guide (Cambridge Cambridge University Press, 2005), p. 471.

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