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Triplot Autograph References

29-30-31Hopane Distr[*].Any

    Reference 1: Peters et al. (2005)10     Reference 2: Killops & Killops (2005)7

    Reference 3: Farrimond (2015)4

aaa(217)Sterane Dist[*].Any

    Reference 1: Cornford (1998)2

aaa(217)Sterane Dist_[*].Any_Huang&Meinschein

    Reference 1: Huang & Meinschein (1979)6

aab(218)Sterane Dist[*].Any

    Reference 1: Cornford (1998)2

aab(218)Sterane Dist[*].Any_Huang&Meinschein

    Reference 1: Huang & Meinschein (1979)6

C6  Gasoline Alteration[h].Any

    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.

C6  Gasoline Alteration[a].Any

    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.

C7  Gasoline Alteration[h].Any

    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.

C7  Gasoline Alteration[a].Any

    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.

Chain Length Dist[un].Py-GC

    Reference 1: Horsfield (1989)5

Chain Length Dist[ca].Py-GC

    Reference 1: Horsfield (1989)5

Mango Depo Envir Ring Struc.[*].Any

    Reference 1: Killops & Killops (2005)7

    Reference 2: ten Haven (1996)11

Marine Input[un].Py-GC

    Reference 1: Eglinton et al. (1990)3

Mudrock Classification.XRD

    Reference 1: Ulmer-Scholle et al. (2016)13

Palynofacies Envir.VisK-TL

    Reference 1: Tyson (1995)12

    Reference 2: Menezes et al. (2008)9

Terrestrial Input[un].Py-GC

    Reference 1: Larter (1984)8

 VisK - Exinites.Any

    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.

VisK - Liptinites.Any

    IGI Autograph - No reference available, data driven.

VisK - Maceral Gps.Any

    Reference 1: Cornford et al. (1998)1


Full Reference List

1      C. Cornford, P. Gardner, and C. Burgess, 'Geochemical Truths in Large Data Sets I: Geochemical Screening Data', in Organic Geochemistry, ed. by B. Horsfield, M. Radke, R.G. Schaefer and H. Wilkes (Pergamon Press & EAOG, 1998), pp. 519-30.

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