Sample Merge


Well information and sample data can be merged together following import to Transform.

Version: 2.0+ (Oct 2021)

Usage:  Metis Tools --> Data Merge and Deduplication...

Sample merge

Sample data is often provided in spreadsheets delivered from labs, sometimes all one lab, sometimes from a range of labs, which can arrive at different times, and typically will not group together all the analyses from one sample on one row. To obtain the full multivariate picture of our sample characteristics we need to merge this information onto a single row. We need to be confident we are not bringing together information from different samples however - this could be very misleading!

Again for the sample merge we can choose many merge criteria. You almost always want to consider the well name / UWI as one of the elements in the merge criteria for samples (you never want to bring together information from samples in different wells). It is also often useful to add the sample depth as a merge criterion, either Base MD.Sample or Top MD.Sample. It can also be helpful to include information on the sample type (e.g. Category.Sample, Rock type.Sample) and on the sample lithology (e.g. Lith.Geol).

If you are lucky and all your samples have unique, well defined identifiers, then you might be able to use Name.Sample (or another identity property, e.g. Internal#.Sample) to merge information easily.

Once you have chosen the merge criteria, select Merge Samples to group the rows.  When samples merge without any conflicts you will see green ticks. It is still necessary to review the merges and ensure they are intentional. The number of candidate / project samples that are combined in each group to create the project samples is shown inside the square brackets. You can review and inspect each group, and within these, each analysis. If any data conflicts in any analysis this will be highlighted with a red cross. Conflicts must be resolved for a sample to merge successfully.


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