Numerical (continuous) property palettes


Continuous numerical properties lend themselves to the use of either colour or size palettes. 

Version: 1.28.7+ (Feb 2021)

Usage:  Graph --> New palette --> New colour palette..., New shape palette... , New size palette...

How to use in practice

Continuous Entry Range Palettes

With a numeric property palette we define the palette entry bin ranges. Bins are edited using the Edit bins... button which brings up a dialogue allowing the user to edit the binning.

When using colour palettes with a numeric/calculated property, it is more likely that gradational colour schemes will be more appropriate. Here instead of setting a colour for each bin, utilise the anchors to grade the colour scale from one end member to another. You can additional anchor points if wished.

When using size palettes with a numerical property, when you choose Auto-Fill it will set the size at regular increments.

We would not advise using shape palettes for continuous numerical properties.

Selecting the option to Reverse will toggle the order from min - max to max-min (the top entries are shown above others based on the colour palette, so if you want to emphasise larger values Reverse the order).

Unassigned palette entries and samples with No data can be assigned their own colour and respective Legend Labels can be edited if utilising palettes to emphasis a set of data relative to the rest / alternative subset of the project data. 

Be aware to avoid the use of red as a palette assignment colour as this is the default sample selection colour when using Brush or Rectangle Selection on graphs, although this can be changed in the graph settings options.


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