Brushing Data


Brushing is the method used to select samples from graphs, maps and pages. These samples can then be added to static sample sets ('sample buckets') or further investigated using visual query.

Version: 2.0+ (Oct 2021)

Usage:  via either Brush or Rectangle selection on the Graph manager Exploration tab (Ctrl+B), right click on pages

How to use in practice

Graph manager (Ctrl+G) enables the user to control the presentation of, and interact with, the data presented on the graph.

Graph manager Exploration Tab

Tools to enable the interaction between the user and data are located on graph manager Exploration tab.

Pan/Zoom (Ctrl+P) - enables the mouse to pan around the graph data (click and drag) and zoom at the current pointer location using the mouse wheel.
Rectangle Zoom - enables the use of the mouse to draw a rectangle over the data area to zoom to.
Brush Selection (Ctrl+B) - provides the ability to pin point and select individual / swathes of data using the mouse; use Ctrl+mouse to deselect points.
Rectangle Section - provides the ability to bulk select all data points present within a drawn rectangular area on the graph.

When in pan/zoom or rectangle zoom mode the exploration tab also provides a basic means to manually control axis ranges, zoom to data, the save / restore zoom extent. 

In selection modes, the user has access to clearing the selection and the ability to create / add the selected (brushed) points to a static sample set, using the Add to static sample set... option.

Access to Visual Query is available at any time using Ctrl+Q or from the toolbar icon.

Using brush or rectangle selection with multiple graphs open will see linked samples dynamically highlighted on all graphs once selected on the active graph. Data selected across multiple graphs is added to the selected set until the data selection is cleared (Graph manager --> Exploration tab --> Clear Selection) or Ctrl+L.

The brushing colour can be configured using the graph settings option (Graph --> Edit graph settings...). Changing the brushing colour also affects the highlight colour for selected rows in the page views.


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