Editing Graphs


Once created a graph can be edited and interacted with to assist interpretation and used for reporting and publishing. 

Version: 1.21+ (Dec 2019)

Usage:  Graph -> Edit graph settings... Graph --> Open graph manager...

How to use in practice

Project graph settings

It is possible to control a number aspects across all graphs in a project using the Graph --> Edit graph settings... menu item. This brings up the project graph settings dialogue:

The project settings has the following tabs:

Data point - allows the user to configure the default data point size, colour and shape. This is handy if you want all graphs to have e.g. larger symbols by default. You can also edit the brushing colour if the pre-selected red is not appropriate for your palettes.

Graph size - allows control over the default window size in which each graph type opens in pixels. This is very handy if you want to produce graphs with a consistent look / size in a report or presentation.

Fonts - provides control over the font family used across all graph labelling (overlays / underlays can have their own elements use different font families), and sets the size of the different font elements on a graph, such as the title, axis titles, etc.

Data summary - provides control over the information shown on the graph data summary. The graph data summary provides a means to see what data is shown, hidden and out of range on a given graph.

These project level settings are saved with the project and will be remembered when the project is re-opened. 

Graph Manager 

Graph Manager enables the user to control the presentation of the individual graph, and interact with the data presented on the graph.

Axis properties, axis ranges, axis scales, interpretation layers and graph presentation, can be edited for the selected (active) graph through Graph Manager using the Layout and Axes tabs. The Exploration tab will be dealt with separately: Brushing data and visual query.

Only one instance of Graph Manager can ever be open and its context updates to the selected / active graph.

Graph manager can be accessed through the main menu, the toolbar shortcut icon, the right-click menu from the graph itself or using the Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut.

Graph Manager Tabs:

Note that some tabs and tab options only make sense (and are available) for certain graph types. 

Copying graphs

To copy a graph, either select Ctrl+C, or right click on the graph space and select Copy. This will copy the graph and the visible legends to the clipboard as both a high resolution .png file with a transparent background (a compressed bitmap, which we find looks excellent at all scales, even in presentations / publications) and as an extended metafile (.emf) format, a vector format that can be exploded and edited in PowerPoint etc (we find that PowerPoint corrupts the image part used to show the data on edit, so do not advise editing of the .emf file). Use the "Paste as" option to select which version to paste in your presentation / report.

The legend elements can be copied separately (on bulk, or individually) and can be repositioned to suit the presentation. To copy a legend individually right click over the legend in question and select Copy this legend.  Legends, when pasted as enhanced metafiles can be edited in most packages. To obtain a copy of the graph without any legends use the Layout tab of graph manager to hide all legends, and copy the graph.

For the best quality reproduction we actually recommend using the .png format, which with the transparent background and high resolution provides the best fidelity to what is shown on screen. The detailed configuration of the different elements on the graph to obtain the desired look is done within the software, and has the benefit of automatically updating as data is added / modified.  

Version 2.3+

You can now just copy the graph (Shift+Ctrl+C), without needing to hide the legends, or copy both graph and legends (Ctrl+C), both options being available from the right click menu on a graph.


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