Undo and the Journal


Undo/Redo support has been incorporated throughout the p:IGI+ and Metis Transform applications for all data changes. Actions which support the Undo and Redo functionality are recorded and displayed in the "journal".

 Version: 1.7.2+ (Aug 2017)

Usage:  Throughout the application

How to use in practice

Menu and Toolbar Icons

Undo /redo can be found on the Edit menu. They are also on the main toolbar:  .

If the action you are about to redo is not in your current context (e.g. you have a graph in focus, but the undo will change something on a page) the View Journals dialogue (see below) will pop up to warn you that you are about to undo something in a different context - to confirm the undo, select Undo again. If the action being undone is in your current context, the undo will be directly applied with no View Journals popup.

Keyboard Shortcuts
View Journals dialogue

Throughout the duration of a project session the software journal will log all eligible undo / redo user actions. The journal records when, in what context, and what type of change was made, along with a description of the change. This allows you to see the changes you have made since you opened the project. The light blue background shows the action that will be undone if you select to undo. The yellow warning at the bottom of the dialogue indicates this undo will affect something that is not currently in focus.  The light grey actions at the top have been undo, and can be redone. At present there is no limit on the number of undo actions a user can make, up to when they opened the project.

If you want to see the actions that have been carried out in the current project scope, the View Journals dialogue can be opened from the Edit -> View Journals... menu. 

Some actions, for example view only changes such as panning and zooming on a graph or map are not journalled, and thus cannot be undone / redone. If a data affecting context does not support Undo / Redo the user is notified, but all key data changes are journalled.


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